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            About Exotic Shui


Exotic Shui was inspired by Ruth Lee.  Ruth lived to help people with kind words of, wisdom, counseling, spiritual guidance, and the importance of organizing your lifestyle.
Ruth believed in the order of life; maintaining your spirit, mind, and body.
Ruth was a wife, mother, missionary, and a constant Gardner.
Jeanette Michelle enhanced Ruth’s vision with Exotic Shui Consultants through by Feng Shui.
Feng Shui means harmonizing and balancing your lifestyle by clearing the clutter.
Feng Shui is a way of life, and Jeanette Michelle helps others to enhance their lifestyle.
Ruth Lee believes in the order of life through love, laughing, helping others, and various fragrances.
Exotic Shui has put together fragrances and items that is soothing to the spirit, mind, and body.
Every fragrance was hand-picked by Jeanette Michelle and inspired by Ruth Lee and various customers.
Exotic Shui’s mission to enhance your spirit, mind, and body by offering Feng Shui Consulting Services and varies accommodating fragrances.


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